Trappist Beer Run Utrecth>Westmalle

I absolutely loved this 2 day trip round trip. 180 miles of cycling, 3 Trappist Breweries, and an Airbnb involving a large mouse head and a delightful Belgium host. 

Day 1 (102 miles)

I left Utretch early in the morning and headed south along the cycle way. A couple of ferry rides across the Lec and River Waah and I was soon entering The Loonse and Druenese Duinen National Park. I wasn't expecting to see large sand dunes along the way. 

De Koningshoeven Brewery (Netherlands)

From the time I first visited this brewery I knew I wanted to someday comeback and cycle into the lovely gardens and Brewery. In the Summer of 2022 that wish came true when I stopped for lunch on my way to Belgium. 
 Dutch De Koningshoeven Brewery  | Latrappe Dubble 


“Bels Lijntje”, a Rail Trail between Tilburg and Turnhout, exactly 150 years old in 2017.




Dinner Stop

Abbey oOur Lady of the Holy Heart of Westmalle (Belgium)

Nice way to end a long day. Enjoyed a bowl of Flemish Stew, with the Sweet Malt Tripel and the Dubbel's long, dry finish. 


Day 2 (80 miles)

Lunch Stop

 Zundert, Netherlands (ATP)


Trappist Breweries:

  • Achel, Belgium (ATP)
  • La Trappe, Netherlands (ATP) - Visited 2017, 2022
  • Chimay, Scourmont Abbey. Belgium (ATP)  Auberge de Poteaupre
  • Rochefort, Abbaye Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy Belgium (ATP) not open to public - local cafes
  • Orval, Abbaye d'Orval Belgium (ATP)
  • Westmalle, Belgium (ATP) - Visited 8/2002
  • Westvleteren, Belgium (ATP) - Visited 6/2017 & 7/2023
  • Zundert, Netherlands (ATP) Not open to public; local cafes Visited 8/2002
  • Stift Engelszell, Astria (ATP)
  • Mont des Cats, France  - Visited 7/2023
  • Spencer Trappist, United States (ATP) - Closed 2022 -
    • I was fortunate to have this beer on many occasion and found it delightful. Found multiple cases of bombers for $2.00 a bomber when it first hit the market in Florida due to some distribution changes.
  • Tre Fontane, Italy (ATP)
  • Cardeña, Spain
  • Mount St. Bernard, United Kingdom