Great Allegheny Passage

The Great Allegheny Passage is a scenic and historic rail trail that spans over 150 miles, connecting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Cumberland, Maryland. This iconic trail offers a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

As you ride along the Great Allegheny Passage, you'll be surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. The trail winds through picturesque landscapes, including lush forests, rolling hills, and charming small towns. Along the way, you'll encounter an abundance of wildlife, from deer and birds to turtles and squirrels.

One of the highlights of the Great Allegheny Passage is the opportunity to explore the region's rich history. The trail follows the path of the historic Western Maryland Railway, which played a crucial role in the transportation of goods and people during the industrial revolution. Along the trail, you'll come across remnants of old train stations, bridges, and tunnels, providing a fascinating glimpse into the past.

Whether you're an avid cyclist or a casual hiker, the Great Allegheny Passage offers something for everyone. The trail is well-maintained and accessible, making it suitable for all skill levels. Cyclists can enjoy a smooth ride on the crushed limestone surface, while hikers can take their time to soak in the scenery.

For those looking to make the most of their journey, there are plenty of amenities and attractions along the Great Allegheny Passage. You'll find charming bed and breakfasts, campgrounds, and restaurants in the nearby towns, providing a comfortable and convenient place to rest and refuel. Additionally, there are numerous points of interest, such as historic sites, museums, and art galleries, that offer a deeper understanding of the region's culture and heritage.

Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a combination of both, the Great Allegheny Passage is a must-visit destination. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and diverse range of activities, this trail promises an unforgettable experience for all who venture along its path.